Does God exist? Where are we going? Does God exist? Where are we going?

An introduction with cosmic symbols.

Gods eternal plan briefly explained Gods eternal plan briefly explained

A passage in eternal life: From animal to human.

We reap as we sow: The initiation of darkness We reap as we sow: The initiation of darkness

Reincarnation and fate: The one who kills will be killed.

The human being in the image of God The human being in the image of God

To turn the other cheek: The principle of forgiveness.

Introducing all the books of The Third Testament

The Third Testament comprises all of Martinus’ published writings and symbols and, as a whole, constitutes a defence of everyone and everything.

LBLivets Bog – The Book of Life 1-7

The Third Testament provides an explanation of life’s own religion. We all of us already exist as members of this religion, bad as well as good, believers as well as non-believers, animals and plants included – in this religion there is therefore no need for initiation ceremonies. Everyone has vital roles to play in the gigantic theatrical performances taking place in nature, and which we call the universe. As the universe is being described here as something alive, it can be likened to a book – ”the book of life” that everyone is reading – every single moment. “The book of life” will help us to understand “life’s speech”, so that we can realise who we are, where we have come from and where we are going.




Livets Bog 1
(All versions are published under this Danish title)
In the Preface, Martinus explains about the source from which he gained his knowledge and presents the freedom and tolerance that is afforded the readers on the part of the author. There then follow 6 chapters, which make up the Introduction to the 7 volumes of Livets Bog.

Livets Bog 1 contains the following chapters:
1. The world situation
2. The divine creative principle
3. The new world impulse
4. An international world kingdom under creation
5. Terrestrial Mankind’s receptivity to the new world impulse
6. From animal to human being
7. The basic energies and the planes of existence
8. Evolution

As an aid to understanding the analyses, 8 cosmic symbols are presented and explained.

Livets Bog 2
The section entitled “Cosmic Chemistry” begins. This volume focuses on our thought world, mentality or soul. Our fate is exclusively the result of how we use the forces of our consciousness. In order to think and act perfectly we also have to know the laws governing thought. With this knowledge it becomes possible to create a perfect fate for ourselves and a perfect world inthe future. Livets Bog 2 contains the following chapters:

9. The law governing the reaction of substances
10. The eternal sources of power of the I
11. Thought climates
The symbol: “The combination of the basic energies” is

Livets Bog 3
The continuation and conclusion of the section, “Cosmic Chemistry”. In chapter 12, entitled “Life substances”, the basic principles of eternal life are catalogued and described. The symbols entitled, “The principle of cycles” and “The solution to the mystery of life” are explained. This volume concludes with a comparison between the logical structure of the number system and the eternal basic structure of the universe.

Livets Bog 4
The section entitled, “Eternal life” begins. Chapter 13 deals with the subject of “the living being”. God is revealed in the living being and vice versa. The unity of eternity and time. Spiritual worlds. Initiated beings and “dead” beings. The purpose of the physical world. The Bible and spiritual science. Politics and religion. Criminal law and Christianity. Democracy, dictatorship, capitalism, communism and the united states of the world. The history and fate of the Jews. The difference between the Old and the New Testaments. Marriage and universal love. The symbol “Life and death” is explained.

Livets Bog 5
Chapter 14 deals with the subject of “the highest fire” or sexuality in all its forms. The organic structure of neighbourly love. The transformation of sexuality. The creation of Adam and Eve – a cosmic explanation. Belief in the virgin birth. Attraction stimulated by the desire to mate and universal love. Darkness, suffering and the state of being in love. The combining of the male and the female in the human being’s psyche. The creation of Man in God’s image. From animal to Man. Various stages of sexuality from “A” to “K”. The paths – and mistaken paths – of sexuality are analysed. In the perfect human kingdom of the future one does not marry.

Livets Bog 6
(Not yet printed in English)
Chapter 15 analyses “The kingdom of God or the adventure of life”. The inner psychic temple symbolised by the temple of the Jews. The outer courtyard, the inner “Holy Place” and the “Holy of Holies” are symbols of psychic realities that occur on the road to initiation. Meditation, cosmic glimpses, the principle of prayer, electricity and the “guardians of the threshold”. The opening of the “Holy of Holies”, the experience of being one with God. God talks to his beloved son. God’s consciousness; “The Holy Spirit”. The Father and the son, the creators of time and space. God as the Father and protector of all living beings.

Livets Bog 7
(Not yet printed in English)
The conclusion of the section, “Eternal life”. Chapter 16 looks into the consequences of the eternal world picture and deals with “The cosmic world morality”, which will form the foundation of the new world civilisation. The purpose of the world government. An economic system without money. The abolition of punishment and torture. Cosmic science and the limitations of materialistic science. The world picture, summed up in 41 key points. Out of darkness. All living beings will become active cells in God’s consciousness. Postscript: “The son of God at one with his Father”. This offering of thanks to God was the first thing that Martinus wrote after his cosmic initiation of fire in 1921.


Eternal World Picture 1-4

The Eternal World Picture

The cosmic symbols are gathered together in the 6 volumes entitled, “The Eternal World Picture”.

With the help of the symbols the reader can easily form an overview of the eternal world picture. Several symbols are also described and explained in “Livets Bog” and in some of the small books.


The Eternal World Picture 1 – comprises symbols 1-16
The Eternal World Picture 2 – comprises symbols 17-26
The Eternal World Picture 3 – comprises symbols 27-33
The Eternal World Picture 4* – comprises symbols 34-44
The Eternal World Picture 5* – comprises symbols 45-77 (Not yet printed in English)
The Eternal World Picture 6* – comprises symbols 78-100 (Not yet printed in English)

Se introductions to the symbols here.


Grand Course (complete introductory course)*
In 1955-1956, Martinus reviewed the cosmic worldview in a lecture series of 15 lectures. The book was published posthumously and is based on tape recordings from these lectures. 76 symbols are explained and the book can be recommended as an introduction to the cosmic worldview.

Logic (introduction)
Love and logic is being explained as one and the same thing. Materialistic science and the mystery of life. An illogical view of the world. The Bible contains conclusive answers about eternity, in a form that can be understood by those with less critical faculties but also by those with wisdom. The Biblical account of creation is explained. Reincarnation. The way out of the animal kingdom, the perfect Man at one with God. Eternal life and the understanding of light and darkness. God’s elevated view of the world: “Everything is very good”. This book is intended as an introduction to the The Third Testament.

The Third Testament – The Intellectualised Christianity (introduction)*
Danish title: “Det Tredje Testamente – Den intellektualiserede kristendom” 
(Not yet printed in English)
An edited publication of the manuscripts that Martinus left unfinished and which underline the connections between the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Third Testament.

Funeral Rites
(Not yet printed in English)
Here a new and important aspect of the commandment to love is explained: our relationship to the living microcosmos. Sleep, nutrition, thought, health, vital force, cremation, the picking of flowers, vivisection, poisoning, herd consciousness, materialistic and cosmic science. (Danish title: “Bisættelse”).


 * Based on unfinished manuscripts.


Smaller books Smaller books

Many of the following books are based on lectures. In them the reader is given an interesting insight into the initiated being’s view of the great questions about life


The crucifixion of Christ on Golgotha at Easter about 2000 years ago was a dramatic turning point in the evolution of man. This book illuminates the meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus; to be a living example of “the finished human being in God’s image after his likeness”. The concrete events surrounding the crucifixion are looked at. Christ’s mission was to show us how to acknowledge our destiny so as to become one with God.

The Principle of Reincarnation
The book comprises four edited lectures:
The Principle of Reincarnation: Every minute atoms and cells in our organism “die” and are replaced by new ones; this is a form of partial reincarnation. In the article an explanation is given of why organisms need to be totally replaced as a natural part of life. Reincarnation and the mystery of “death”. 
The Galaxies of the Universe: Chaotic and cosmic consciousness. Our body is mostly made of “empty space”. The real nature of this “empty space”, on both the small and the large scale, is analysed.
Unnatural Fatigue and Depression: About tiredness that is not healed by sleep. About depression, self-pity, nervous breakdown. The real cause and solution.
Through the Empty Space of the Universe: Star systems are born from the “empty space” of the universe. An explanation is given of why this void is really a world of thoughts, concluding with an analysis of the words: “Father, who art in heaven”.

The Fate of Mankind
Human beings’ path from belief to knowledge. Religion is believing – or seeking – truth and on this basis religion and science will be united as spiritual science. Our spiritual bodies, the spiral zones, physical and spiritual sensory perception, dreams, “death”, the condition after natural and unnatural death, suicide. The world government is evolving out of the war zone of humankind. The theoretical foundation for the peaceful world society is summed up in 12 points.

Out of Darkness
– A Glimpse of World Redemption
– The Garden of Gethsemane

Danish title: “Ud af mørket”
(Not yet printed in English)

Between two World Epochs
Danish title: “Mellem to verdensepoker”
(Not yet printed in English)

Devil consciousness and Christ consciousness
– Immortality
– God’s Creation of the Human Being
– The World Situation and “the image of God”

Danish title: “Djævlebevidsthed og kristusbevidsthed”
(Not yet printed in English)

The Creation of World Peace
– The “I” and Eternity

Danish title: “Verdensfredens skabelse”
(Not yet printed in English)

The Creation of Culture
Danish title: “Kulturens skabelse”
(Not yet printed in English)

The Road to Paradise
Danish title: “Vejen til paradis”

The Mystery of Prayer
The animal’s cry of anguish at the moment of its death is a prayer in its initial stages. The development from the selfish prayer for personal favours towards Jesus’ logical, selfless, conscious prayer in Gethsemane, “Father, thy will be done”. Prayer is explained as being a way of becoming aware of God. With the help of prayer we can receive inspiration and empowerment in all of life’s situations. Every line of the Lord’s prayer is gone through and explained from the cosmic perspective.

The Road to Initiation
The book comprises four articles:
On the Birth of my Mission: In this script Martinus gives an account of the profound experiences that totally changed his life, enabling him to describe the eternal truth of the universe, which he formulated in his lifework, The Third Testament.
Cosmic Consciousness: Jesus said, “I and the Father, we are one”, meaning that his consciousness was in total harmony with the consciousness of God. We develop towards this cosmic consciousness by developing the capacity to love all beings. Everyone is, without exception, heading for this state of being, with the ability to understand and forgive all.
The Road to Initiation: Humility is the same as admitting one’s own imperfection. Through this discovery the path is open to all real wisdom. The rich man and real wealth. Spiritual vanity.
Concerning my Cosmic Analyses: People’s receptiveness to The Third Testament is analysed. Who is receptive to these cosmic analyses and who is in need of them? The Culture of Giving describes the nature of a true gift.

Christmas Gospel
Danish title: “Juleevangeliet”

World Religion and World Politics
The book comprises four articles:
The Cause of the Fate of Terrestrial Man: How we create our own fate often crucifying ourselves and how we can free ourselves from suffering by the way we bear this cross.
Pilate, Christ and Barabbas: These three persons, as well as others in the Bible, personify the three different mentalities that we are all surrounded by, faced with and pass by on the path of life until the point when we reach full understanding.
World Religion and World Politics: Religion and politics are the same thing but conducted by different powers of the soul. Man has always imagined God and the perfect world. The perfect kingdom of man is impossible to conceive using the imagination, but will even though become reality on Earth. 
Why One Should Forgive One’s Neighbour: Struggling for
liberty through violence. False priests and true Christianity.

What is Truth?
Danish title: “Hvad er sandhed”
(Not yet printed in English)

The Longest-surviving Idol
Danish title: “Den længst levende afgud”
(Not yet printed in English)

Pages from God’s Picture Book, The Glory of Whitsuntide shining over Life
Danish title: “Blade af Guds billedbog”
(Not yet printed in English)

Cosmic Glimpses
– High Intellectuality and Low Intellectuality
– The Sixth Commandment

Danish title:”Kosmiske glimt”
(Not yet printed in English)

The Creation of Consciousness
– Thoughts concerning Easter
– Christmas Candles

Danish title: “Bevidsthedens skabelse”
(Not yet printed in English)

Mental Sovereignty – Cosmic Consciousness
Danish title: “Kosmisk bevidsthed”
(Not yet printed in English)

Mankind and the World Picture
Danish title: “Menneskeheden og verdensbilledet”
(Not yet printed in English)

Marriage and Universal Love
Love is not the same as the infatuation experienced by a couple going through the hormone-stimulated process of “being in love”. True love is completely unconditional and is aimed at the human qualities in the human being, regardless of gender. This ability evolves organically as we develop. The Third Testament shows that love forms the foundation of the universe. Through many terrestrial lives we develop our consciousness to become in harmony with the wholeness of God. We will all achieve the experience of being one with God, being able to love our neighbours as ourselves. A cosmic analyse of the biblical narrative of Adam and Eve.

The Ideal Food
A comprehensive examination of all aspects of food regarding health and destiny. Vegetarian food is proved to be the ideal food on the level of development of present-day human beings. Eating meat necessitates the killing of animals as well as beings in microcosmos. The ideal food is still evolving. It is shown which food is normal for the various stages of development. Two cosmic symbols support the analyses.

The Immortality of Living Beings
The book comprises three articles:
The Immortality of Living Beings: The superstition that living beings can die. The analysis of The Third Testament states the immortality and reincarnation of human beings.
The Necessity of Spiritual Science: “Democracy” and “communism”, are misleading terms, as they are commonly used. An analysis of materialistic science, dictatorship etc. What will be the solution to the state of the world?
Primitivity and Superstition: Points to different forms of superstition in our culture which creates Armageddon.

Beyond the Fear of Death
– The Psychic Temple
– Judge not
– The Way, the Truth and the Life

Danish title: “Hinsides dødsfrygten”
(Not yet printed in English)

Two Kinds of Love
Danish title: “To slags kærlighed”
(Not yet printed in English)
Universal love is an ability to love one’s neighbour regardless of gender. We develop this ability gradually from life to life. This unconditional love is the keynote of the universe and therefore leads to the experience of being one with God.

The book comprises three articles:
On the Altar of Love: Discusses the difference between giving and taking – analysing the era of the golden calf (money or Mammon) leading up to the collapse of the existing old culture and the coming of a new world culture where the only currency of payment will be the carrying out of work.
Meditation: About materialistic and spiritual thinking, cosmic glimpses and one form of meditation that does not involve mental risk.
Mankind at One with God: In life one can observe both unfinished and finished creative processes. Armageddon is a cosmic psychological teaching, which leads the human being to fulfil the law of life: “Love thy God above all things and thy neighbour as thyself”.

Life’s Theatre of Fate – The Great Baptism of Fire
– Primitive and Intellectual Divine Worship
– In “the image of the animal” and in “the image of

God” Danish title: “Livets skæbnespil
(Not yet printed in English)

The Road of Life
The book comprises three articles:
The Road of Life: The Third Testament shows that all creation is bound by laws. The principle of cycles is a divine law of renewal and transformation. At this moment humankind dwells in darkness, war and misery, but only because it is in transition towards brightness, peace and joy.
Mental Prisons: Mental suffering is caused by a dysfunctional outlook on life. The one who thinks that life should right itself according to their own personal wishes is trapped in a prison. Freedom is the knowledge that everything and everyone is just as they should be, and that “everything is very good”.
The Second and the First Resurrection: Explains the resurrection of Jesus and the questions about the materialisation of his physical body – something that will become a natural occurence once moral advancements are made in the course of evolution. Materialisation in general is not specifically connected to moral development. But the first resurrection is the development that happens through countless numbers of reincarnations and leads to the real human being’s resurrection out of darkness.

Collected articles 1
A selection of 45 of Martinus’ lectures and articles, from the period 1929 – 1972, in chronological order. The current events of the times are reflected in the light of eternity.


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