symbol_37s.jpgThe unrevealed and the revealed eternal truth
– Symbol No. 37

The veil of Maya

Over the course of evolution terrestrial human beings are able to acquire an ever higher understanding of the truth. The truth about life is adapted to each evolutionary step so that it is continuously in contact with the beings’ sensory faculty and does not give the impression of being either too “naive” or too “fantastic”.

symbol 37b
Primitive beings’ faculty of instinct allows them to have a vague sense that there are higher powers or that there is a Godhead behind existence. With their weak faculty of intelligence they create images of gods in their own image as they are only able to believe only in gods as great warriors. Every culture has its own mythologies. But warlike ideals create karma and suffering and as a result of this also humaneness and the longing for a bright understanding of God and the meaning of life. Not until there is a combination of welldeveloped intelligence and higher humane feeling is the being ready to receive the completely revealed truth about life.

At the very bottom of the symbol we can see a white field that is increasing in size as it moves towards the right, this shows how the light (love) increases in the beings’ consciousness with each stage in evolution. The skull and crossbones is a symbol of the stages where the being believes in revenge outer power and the killing principle. The town bathed in light symbolises the light religious or atheistic ideals. We can see how the light is “concealed” from the animal beings’ senses, but we can also see how they gain access to experiencing more and more of this light gradually as the veil of Maya falls away from their consciousness.

With the faculty of universal love the being is able to sense the vibrations of love of the Godhead (the white triangle and the rays emanating from it). It does not need explanations from the outside anymore.

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