symbol_08_09_10s.jpgThe triune principle
– Symbols Nos. 8, 9 and 10


The eternal, infinite, triune structure of the Godhead
In the symbol, X1, X2 and X3 are separated into 3 aspects that determines all living beings’ immortal nature and their identity with God’s eternal nature thereby confirming the old saying: “Know yourself and you know the whole universe”.


symbol 08 09 10b
X1 – the white disk – symbolises the Godhead’s eternal, infinite I, in that way being identical to every living being’s I.
X2 – the violet disk – symbolises the Godhead’s eternal ability to create including the highest vibration that exists, which in The Third Testament is called the mother energy.
X3 – the six coloured fields – symbolises the basic energies and God’s fields of consciousness, the area of “what is created”.

These three aspects cannot exist as separate entities; they are aspects of one eternally indivisible triune principle. As the trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – is a fundamental concept in traditional Christianity, it is explained in The Third Testament in the following way: 

The Father – the eternal Godhead of the universe. A totally unmoving perfect stillness constitutes all living beings’ innermost I and fixed point – X1. The creator, the originator of what is created and therefore beyond the boundaries of time and space.

The Son – the Godhead’s ability to create that divides up
God’s eternal, omnipresent, infinite I into “the many”, into an infinite number of eternal “sons of God” – X2. In the words of Christ: “the Father and the Son”. 

The Holy Spirit – God’s consciousness and organism – X3.

According to The Third Testament God is identical to the eternally existing universe. God’s ability to create consists of all living beings’ abilities to create, and God’s organism consists of all living beings’ organisms. Out of this co-operation between God and the sons of God the various spheres of life come into being. For example, “the sphere of instinct”, which we know as the plant kingdom and “the sphere of gravity” which we know as the animal kingdom. In the later part of the animal kingdom the being is involved to the greatest extent in matter and believes that it is at one with it. This process of involution is a necessary link in God’s creative process, which unfailingly leads all beings to renewed perfection as “human beings in God’s image after his likeness”. After this moral  refinement the way continues through the next kingdoms, which are described in symbol 13. This entire process thus takes place “in God”. God guides all beings to the point where they are able to experience and express like Jesus: “I and the Father are one”.

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