symbol_43s.jpgThe symbol of “Livets Bog” (The Book of Life)
– Symbol No. 43

“He will bring glory to me…”

The lit-up area symbolises the content of the first volume of “Livets Bog” (that part of Martinus’ main work that had been completed in 1932). The work’s seven volumes can be seen divided up into five sections: Preface, Introduction (Volume 1), the main part of the treatise in the form of the chapters: “Cosmic Chemistry” and “Eternal Life” (Volumes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7), then a summary of the analyses and in the end the postscript: “The Son of God at one with the Father” (also in Volume 7).

symbol 43b
The triangle on the left symbolises Martinus’ initiation and the triangle on the right symbolises the Godhead. The eternal sons of God and the Godhead have the same analysis, namely eternity and infinity, that is to say, X1, X2 and X3, and this can be seen as a the three figures that stretch through the whole of the large figure.

The purpose of The Third Testament work is the reunion between the eternal sons of God and the Godhead which will reveal itself to the reader through the cosmic analyses. Martinus’ mission was to show human beings God and to justify Jesus’ mission.

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