symbol_40s.jpgThe sign of the cross
– Symbol No. 40

Knowledge from above and knowledge from below

One can look at the universe from two fundamentally different points of view. Natural science describes the world through the physical senses, from "below". Spiritual science looks at the world from the viewpoint of the eternal and infinite non-created I, "above", here symbolised by the vertical line of the cross. The viewpoint of natural science is symbolised by the horizontal line going “across” matter – from the grey field of light on the left (stellar mist in microcosmos) to the right (stellar mist in macrocosmos).

symbol 40b
Both forms of knowledge are equally necessary, but serve different purposes in the realization of the perfect human kingdom that is to come. 

Whereas the one source of knowledge gives us information about the forces of Nature, the other gives us information about the nature of our eternal, innermost being. With its help we can create peace in our consciousness, so that we use it solely to bring joy and blessing to all and everything. 

Christ’s example of love and his death on the cross confirms it as the eternal symbol of light and goodness.

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