symbol_31s.jpgThe living being’s sensory faculty and the universe
– Symbol No. 31

He that has eyes to see, let him see
The cone-shaped figure on the left symbolises the universe that stretches infinitely through micro-, meso- and macrocosmos. The section of the staircase-shaped figure symbolises the evolutionary steps of ordinary terrestrial human beings. The white triangle symbolises an individual living being. 

The shining ray emitting from this being symbolises its sensory ability, that is to say, its ability to manifest and experience life. It can only experience what is accessible to its senses See symbol 30). The rest, which is in fact the most, lies in darkness. The more highly developed are its senses, the more perfectly will the being be able to experience.

symbol 31b
Terrestrial human beings often each believe that their own view is unfailing and that every one else’s is wrong. They cannot see behind the outer circumstances and therefore do not see how all beings are on their own natural evolutionary step, each with its different perceptions and views of the whole. This lack of knowledge creates intolerance and war. Only when one has the faculty of intuition can one see the whole evolutionary ladder with its many steps and natural inhabitants – “above” and “below” one another.

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