symbol_06s.jpgThe living being I
– Symbol No. 6

We are all immortal

The eternal nature of the Godhead and all living beings is described here as a triune principle: an I – in the Third Testament named “X1” (shown by the white field at the top), the super consciousness and the I’s ability to create and experience – “X2”, and the body that the I has created, which is a tool enabling it to create and experience – “X3”(shown by the lowermost field).

symbol 06b
All beings have their roots in an eternal part. We are all immortal. The violet colour symbolises the mother energy in which all the main functions of life are rooted. From here “the masculine pole” and “the feminine pole” are regulated (see symbol 33 and 35). 

In the super consciousness we store all the talents that we practise and build up from one life to another. The round, coloured fields symbolise the I’s basic talent kernels or “spiral centres”.

The coloured triangles attached to them show the eternal organ structure and the ability to use the various basic energies to create in the temporal world. The six vertical coloured fields symbolise the basic energies and the bodies created by them: red for “the body of instinct”, orange for “the body of gravity”, yellow for “the body of feeling”, green for “the body of intelligence”, blue for “the body of intuition” and light indigo for “the body of memory”. The cross symbolises the being’s totally perfect, eternal, cosmic structure, regardless of which kingdom or evolutionary step it belongs to.

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