symbol 16sThe eternity body
– Symbol No. 16

We reap what we sow

Here we can see that all energy or movement in the universe comes from the eternal I (the white triangle) and likewise returns to it.

symbol 16b
The cross of flames symbolises that the being’s eternity body always rests in perfect balance. The violet circles symbolise the being’s actions, thoughts, life experiences, creations and organisms. These move in cycles (see Symbol 15) of all sizes, symbolised by the size of the 4 different paths. Every moment microscopic cycles are set in motion in our organism. An earthly life is an example of a cycle. There are also cycles so great that they extend over millions and millions of years and determine for example our sexual structure.

The symbol shows that we ourselves create our fate. We reap what we sow. Nothing unjust ever happens to us – from the cosmic point of view. Everything is very good. This is the living being’s eternal cosmic ability to create and its actual body.

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