symbol_11s.jpgThe eternal world picture – the living being II, the eternal Godhead and the eternal sons of God
– Symbol No. 11

God and son of God are one

This main symbol weaves together the analyses from symbols 8, 9 and 10. Here these three eternal principles appear as an indivisible unit, which is shown by the fact that the disks from symbols 8, 9 and 10 are now laid one on top of the other. The universe is an eternal living being – God – that gives expression to itself through 6 different planes of existence. These are built up of life within life as we saw in symbol 7.

symbol 11b
The white star and the field radiating outwards from the centre symbolise the Godhead, while the many white circles and the rays that emanate from them express the individual living beings – the sons of God. One can see from the symbol how life is made up of an interaction or conversation relayed by Nature between the Godhead and the sons of God. The 6 planes of existence where this takes place (the stage of the theatre of life) are each marked with their own colour: red – the plant kingdom, orange – the animal kingdom, yellow – the true human kingdom, green – the kingdom of wisdom, blue – the divine world, light indigo – the kingdom of bliss. (These kingdoms will be described in detail in symbol 13.) The living beings journey again and again through these kingdoms in an upwards-moving spiral (see symbol 14). In the symbol the Earth is placed level with the animal kingdom. It is on its own journey to cosmic consciousness and can therefore offer mankind, which is travelling the same road, a place to live. All living beings will gain cosmic consciousness, which is indicated by the small star. This “cosmic birth” is the introduction to the true human kingdom, and we are already experiencing the first signs of the coming of this kingdom on Earth. This process will be fully completed in less than 3,000 years. After that the road continues through the higher spiritual kingdoms, which are in reality one kingdom with several sections.

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