symbol_22s.jpgThe eternal, cosmic, organic connection between God and the son of God II
– Symbol No. 22

“Enter into thy closet…”

The symbol explains how each living being (the little white triangle) is connected with God (the large white triangle) through a cosmic, organic structure (the grey, white and violet pyramid).

symbol 22b
The rectangular coloured fields round the edge of the circle symbolise the living beings and kingdoms of the spiral cycle (see symbol 13). The two slanting black lines divide these coloured fields into the spiritual world, above, and the physical part of the universe, below. The part with the orange rectangular fields symbolises the animal kingdom. The two of these rectangular orange figures that are the shortest symbolise the first ape-like terrestrial human stages. Today these have become completely extinct on the Earth and they incarnate on more primitive planets in the universe. The rectangular orange figure to the right of these symbolises the stages of the primitive peoples that are in the process of dying out on Earth, and the figure to the right of this symbolises civilised human beings who more and more looses their ability to believe. Next field (orange/ yellow) the culmination of materialism and spiritual dead. After this culmination the beings are more and more evolving into true human beings, who are approaching the “great birth” and cosmic consciousness (the yellow part of this field).

Prayer is the tool that leads us all through the last problems and sufferings on this road. Every prayer to God is answered in such as way that it brings most lasting joy to the being itself as well as its surroundings. Through the genuine wish behind the prayer that “not my will, but thy will be done”, the being unites its own will with the will of God. Allied in this way with the almighty God, the being builds up its vitality and its ability to “take the rough with the smooth”. With every loving resolution there streams into the consciousness renewed joy in living. It is these “straight and narrow paths” that in time lead us to a true, organic talent for joy in living and mental balance, despite all the difficulties. This road inevitably leads the being to the point where, like Christ, it can say: “I and my Father are one” (John 10:30).

The cosmic symbols of Martinus are copyright protected by The Institute of Martinus Spiritual Science, Copenhagen, Denmark. All rights reserved.