symbol_14s.jpgThe cosmic spiral cycles I
– Symbol No. 14

The cosmic journey through eternity and infinity

The cosmic journey of the living beings is really a journey through higher and higher cycles with no end. For this reason they are called “spiral cycles”.

symbol 14b
On the symbol we can see 7 of these spiral cycles marked with the letters:

A – the spiral of atoms/matter and such like.
B – the spiral of cell beings and such like.
C – the spiral of organ beings and such like.
D – our own spiral/mesocosmos.
E – the planet or globe spiral.
F – the solar system spiral.
G – the galaxy or milky way spiral.

We can see that the 6 kingdoms or zones of consciousness (the 6 different colours around the circle described in Symbol 13) repeat endlessly through various organism-principles.

The white field marks that part of the eternal universe that we perceive as living.

May bee that the symbol gives an impression of an organising factor behind this co-operation stretching between microcosmos and macrocosmos? (See symbol 7).

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