symbol_12s.jpgThe combinations of the basic energies
– Symbol No. 12

The law-bound transformation of the eternal consciousness

In the symbol one can see how the energies of consciousness are mixed in different ways over the course of one cosmic cycle. The boundaries of the cycle are marked by the slightly broader horizontal lines at the top and the bottom. Each horizontal bar symbolises a plane of existence for living beings – a kingdom.

symbol 12b
The 6 kingdoms (described in the previous and the next symbol) repeat endlessly. On each horizontal bar we can see how the beings on the various evolutionary steps of these kingdoms are built up of a different combination of basic energies, which is constantly changing in a regular way. The energies are: the energy of instinct – red, the energy of gravity – orange, the energy of feeling – yellow, the energy of intelligence – green, the energy of intuition – blue, the energy of memory – light indigo. The higher basic energies, with intuition as the highest, penetrate the lower ones.

What the beings are able to create and experience is therefore determined by the basic energies that their evolutionary step gives them access to (see symbol 13).

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