symbol 17sReincarnation, cycles and seasons
– Symbol No. 17

The cosmic seasons
“Except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God”. This was Jesus’ answer to Nicodemus when he was asked about rebirth. (John 3:3-8) What Jesus meant by water was a new physical organism, while spirit is synonymous with a new consciousness. On another occasion Jesus pointed out that John the Baptist in a previous life was Elijah, the prophet from The Old Testament: “And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come”. (Mat. 11:14) – and Mat. 17:13, Luke 1:1-25, Mat. 11:9-15 and Mark 9:10-13.

symbol 17b
The consciousness needs experiences from many incarnations In order to mature. Jesus told the people of that time that he had more to tell the coming generations: “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now”. (John 16:12)

Without reincarnation the people of that time would be excluded from fully understanding Jesus teaching and the road to paradise. The words ”Ye cannot bear them now” shows that Jesus knew that they first had to mature in intelligence and feeling before they would be able to accept the whole wisdom.

Martinus also calls this humane state the intellectual climate, and it is shown in the symbol where the horizontal yellow and green triangular fields (the feeling climate and the intelligence climate) melt into each other. Only when people have reached this state will they be able to understand the words of the Bible concerning “eternal life”. Eternal life does not have an age calculated from a birth. Eternal life is without a beginning or an end – it is an eternal evolution.

Evolution and cycles are found everywhere in Nature. The dark night is succeeded by the light of day. Previously impure water gushes forth again, fresh from the spring. The cold, lifeless winter transforms into the warmth, colours and light of spring and summer, and from there into the fading and withering of autumn and a new winter. After the immature period of childhood comes the springtime of youth, which heralds the summer of adulthood and after that the autumn of old age. Rebirth and renewal are Nature’s way. Should terrestrial human beings be less worthy than the drop of dirty water, and thereby an exception to the extraordinary order found in Nature? Or less worthy than the Earth, which has evolved from a glowing soup of mineral matter to the beautiful scenery that Nature surrounds us with today? No, the cycle will also lead us to mentally shine like the sun. Everyone will end up giving warmth, inspiration and life to everything and everyone in their surroundings.

The symbol illustrates the principle of cycles, it also illustrates the seasons as symbols of darkness and light. The fully-coloured rectangles at the top show the planes of existence, as described in symbol 13. The black and white figure shows the growth and culmination of darkness and light. Darkness culminates in the animal kingdom and light in the divine world. The cycles are entities in which the two opposites alternately culminate and are latent. The area with the diagonal, coloured stripes symbolises the seasons of the cycle: grey for winter, green for spring, many-coloured for summer and red for autumn. We are therefore in the winter zone of the spiral cycle. Here the experience of life is at its lowest (the thin orange field at the bottom). It is not until the divine world that life culminates (the wider blue field further along). At the very top are some black/white circles, which in turn symbolise the winter solstice, the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox and a new winter solstice. These times are therefore also related to the spiral cycle’s varying relationship between light and darkness. It is this symbolic meaning that lies behind the celebration of the various festivals. Christmas symbolises the birth of light and love. Easter symbolises the victory of light over darkness, and Whitsuntide the spirit and almightiness of the Godhead. The new year symbolises the beginning of a new cycle and is therefore in reality the symbol of immortality.

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