symbol_28s.jpgEternal life or the ladder of life
– Symbol No. 28

The eternal renewal of life, “Behold, I make all things new”
Eternal life implies a never-ending renewal of the experience of life. The adventure of life requires contrasts. Without contrasts there would be no experience. Constant warmth gives rise to a longing for coolness. Hard work gives rise to a longing for rest, which is in turn normally followed by a wish for renewed activity. No one can go on enjoying their favourite meal again and again for ever. An eternal longing for new experiences is the reason why one plane of existence is replaced by the next.

symbol 28b
The symbol shows a section of the eternal, endless ladder of life. The planes of existence in the middle of the step formation are: the plant kingdom (red), the animal kingdom (orange), the true human kingdom (yellow), the kingdom of wisdom (green), the divine world (blue), the kingdom of bliss/the mineral kingdom (light indigo). These six planes of existence or states of consciousness repeat themselves again and again in the form of greater cycles, indicated by the large violet steps on the left, the spiral cycles (see symbol 14). Each plane of existence is made up of lesser steps such as for example “character zones” and the individual physical incarnations. The individual kingdoms are fully described in symbol 13.

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