symbol_05s.jpgCosmic unconsciousness
– Symbol No. 5

Having no knowledge of oneself

Whereas the atheist does not assume the existence of God and believes life to be identical to the physical body, the religious person lives in the hope of a continuing existence after “death”. Both parties are believers. The only thing that they know with any certainty is that the physical organism will perish. What they do not know is that the physical organism is merely a tool for the immaterial, eternal I.

symbol 05b
The mental states such as anxiety, depression are like the 'suicide' an expression that the individual has lost contact with his spiritual roots. He knows neither himself, God, nor the spiritual reality he lives in the midst of. Terrestrial human beings live alternately in a physical and a spiritual world. Following each transition to the spiritual world we are welcomed by those of our nearest and dearest who have passed over before us into the holiday paradise, which is where we all will live until we are ready to incarnate again. The birth into the spiritual world will become more and more of a celebration of happiness and light. The word “death” will become a concept belonging to the past.

The question mark in the symbol illustrates the present-day terrestrial human beings’ total ignorance with respect to their true nature, including where they have come from, their present situation and what lies ahead. The patchy, coloured areas symbolise the various basic energies or energies of consciousness, which human beings have some knowledge of without knowing
anything about how they are organised according to laws (see symbol 6). The orange circle shows the temporary physical body that terrestrial human beings are familiar with.

The cross symbolises the eternal I and its higher cosmic structure and functions. The cross is also the symbol of light, universal love and eternal life.

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